We aim to create a talent ecosystem that matches the best potential with the right opportunity

A Step Beyond Hiring

what is cohire ?

CoHire is a talent acquisition consulting practice supported by a robust marketplace solution and a team of experienced professionals. We aim to provide the best-fit for your talent requirements by screening candidates via a three-dimensional approach.

our approach

Our team of experienced professionals combined with a robust technological solution screens a large number of candidates in a comprehensive – standardized manner to arrive at the best-fit.

Candidate Profile

Our team understands and maps a candidate’s profile to identify the following:
  • Personal Background
  • Current and Expected Remuneration
  • Experience Snapshot
  • Context to the Position
  • Expected career journey


Our Parikshit platform is an in-house tech based hiring and assessment solution which evaluates multiple candidates on GMA (General Mental Ability) and Communication parameters

  • Quantitative Ability
  • Data Interpretation
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Communication ability

Behavioral Assessment:

Our team conducts a behavioral event interview with the prospective candidates and map them to the organization and position’s context

  • Understanding Company Values
  • Job Context
  • Identify Competencies
  • Suggesting the Right Fit
  • Enabling Growth Mindset

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why cohire ?

During our experience in working with multiple organizations across industries, recruitment seemed to be a concern across with high TAT, increasing costs and unmet expectation. While we remain in step in other areas of HR, the recruitment function has scope for further evolution. 

CoHire is an attempt to enable organizations with the right tools and pool of candidates to make an informed hiring decision.

We Have been in your Shoes

We understand the challenges and the requirements of your talent acquisition team, having managed the recruitment vertical in our previous stints. Our attempt is to build a solution to address these gaps and make the seamless for you

Professional and Fast

Our team of experienced professionals work alongside with you address your recruitment needs quickly and effectively


The Founders

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Ishita Agghi

Co-founder & Director

Ishita believes that you’re truly happy when you find the right role for you. She’s working to find a way to help the population identify and pursue their ideal jobs.

During her MBA from MDI, Gurgaon she saw HR as human capital when invested in the right direction leads to the best outcome.

Her 4 years tenure at Cipla exposed her to multiple roles in HR and helped to identify recruitment as potentially most impactful for us.

founder's photo 2

Raghav Ailavadi

Co-founder & Director

Raghav believes that India is a powerhouse of talent waiting to be explored. He intends to extend equal employment opportunities to the country’s cities, town and villages.

During his MBA from MDI, Gurgaon he was nudged in this direction and after nurturing this idea for 2 years, he’s working towards it.

His 4 years of tenure with ITC helped him gain experience across all functions of HR from Compensation to Performance management to Learning & Development to Business Partnering.

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Assessing candidates the right way

We’ve seen many managers and peers mentioning that the employees they felt during the interview to be sure bets did not end up being the best performing ones….

In search of the Right person for the Right job

Like the play ‘Waiting for Godot’ captures the eternal wait for something, in the management space, the adage of ‘right person for the right job’ is an oft quoted ideal and a subject for discussion throughout the HR function.

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